Rich History

Van Winkel Fashion since 1949, established  by Sjef Van Winkel.

The year 1963 might well be seen as a  turning point in the history of the Brabant municipality Budel. In that year the local Van Winkel's Confectiebedrijven NV started with the production of the brand Ledûb, to this day one of the most appealing shirt brands in the Benelux.

The grounder’s bad experience with the poor quality of men’s shirts in the market back than was the base of everything.

This state of mind, being bothered so badly by sloppy collars,  soon lead to the innovative start of the family company to design and produce the Perfect Men’s Shirt.
Army shirts were part of this start, soon followed by department stores like “C&A” and “Hij”.

In 1963 the brand name Ledûb was launched.
Ledûb, as an anagram of the hometown name of the Van Winkel family,  in the south of the Netherlands, called Budel.
A perfect brand name for the Perfect Shirt was born.
Beautiful design combined with high quality standards have been the base for Ledûb shirts since than.

In 1989 John Miller was launched as the second brand within the company. A sophisticated, high standard shirt brand came to life.
Luxurious fabrics from the best suppliers are worked in the own Van Winkel production company,  assuring the outstanding quality of the John Miller shirt.
Each shirt being almost a piece of art.

2016 was the year of proudly launching the third brand,  Blue Crane.  A brand of rugged shirts, perfectly at home in the world of fashion denim.

Corporate fashion is also part of the companies business activities.
Ledûb Corporate Fashion is the brand fulfilling all the needs for companies dressing up their personnel with high quality fashionable shirts and blouses.

In our own production company in Macedonia we achieve the highest quality standards, assuring the best working environment for our employees.